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M s . I t G i r l Paris from the Woods of Holly. Golden blonde hair, 5'7 still growing.
Tiny in size, Face like Mischa Barton's <-- so i've herd many times.
Dalamtian named dinsey *RIP*

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L o v e s I t Fashion, Magiznes, Makeup, Celebrities,
Keds, Mischa&Nicole, Dolce&Gabbana, Models, VS, MP3, sidekick II,
L.A.M.B, CHICK, Chanel, Dior, Sass & Bide , Roberto Cavalli,
The OC, Charmed, GND, Housewifes, ANTM, Rooney, DJAM, Ashlee,

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H a t e s I t Fakes, Liars, people with no manners,
Rude boys,knowitalls, wannabes, stealers, copycats, bitchs, teachers,
powerhungry people, people with no respect,
chat talk, Laguna Beach, ♥

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M y J o i n t s 3d_imax itgirl_icons
AIM: xosana sa parisx ♥

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T h a n k s S e x y
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